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Donate May 3rd to leverage your dollars!

The challenge is on Mason County! Support local nonprofits by participating in the online Kitsap Great Give on May 3rd. It’s part of a larger National Day of Giving / Give Local that takes place on the first Tuesday of every May. The best part is that every dollar you donate will be proportionally matched by the event sponsors so that the nonprofits you donate to will actually get more money than you donate! Your $100 donation could become $120 or more. Habitat for Humanity of Mason County has a generous donor willing to match our first $1,500.

Your donations to Habitat for Humanity of Mason County will support our Home Preservation program for low-income homeowners, also known as “A Brush with Kindness”. Here are a few quotes from homeowners we assisted:

  • Kevin and Mary Jones wrote about repairs to their back porch and steps “thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful work, God bless all the volunteer workers”.

  • Ron Coale, Pastor at Grace Baptist Church wrote “I would have continued to remain house bound and unable to get out to do my job. Habitat is very courteous professional and highly qualified. They know what they are doing and care about the people they help”.

  • Ashlea Simpson wrote “wonderful, loving and caring people, their work saves people living in desperation”.

If you would like to be a Matching Donor, contact Deanna at 360-426-8134, ext 203.

A big THANKS to the KITSAP COMMUNITY FOUNDATION for this opportunity!

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