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Wall Raising Ceremony for House #29

Shelton, WA, (October 27, 2018) – Wall raising ceremony for house #29 was a success. The Huskey family, members of Shelton First Baptist Church and many volunteers in the community helped lend a hand to get this project off the ground!

Marty Crow Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Mason County said, "We have experienced the power of team builds in their ability to complete an incredible amount of work in a short amount of time. We are also enjoying watching the unity and sense of accomplishment that comes from working side by side with friends, family and coworkers to help build our community and create hope for those in need."

For more information on how you can volunteer or support Habitat for Humanity of Mason County call the office at 360-426-8134 or visit the website at

About Habitat for Humanity of Mason County: Habitat for Humanity of Mason County is a faith-based housing ministry partnering with the community to improve, maintain and build affordable quality housing for those in need. By engaging the entire community, we offer programs for people in need of affordable home-ownership opportunities and programs for current homeowners seeking to preserve their homes. Through partnerships with families, volunteers and donors, we work together to improve the living conditions of families in Mason County. Since 1996, Mason County Habitat has worked with 29 families with 60+ children in building homes and many more through our Home Preservation.


Marty Crow

Executive Director

(360) 426-8134

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