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Habitat House #30 Dedication Ceremony

Shelton, WA, (August 18, 2019) – Habitat for Humanity of Mason County celebrated the completion of House #30. The Dedication Ceremony had a great turnout and was held Sunday, August 18, 2:00 p.m. at 61 E Wood Lane. House #30 is now the home of the Goldberg family.

Habitat House #30 was a renovation. The home needed relatively minor repairs and polishing to make it new again for the future homeowners. Due to the shorter timeline to complete the renovation, Habitat will be able to build House #31 and hopefully start House #32 later this year.

Marty Crow, Habitat’s Executive Director said, “The one thing I appreciate most about each home dedication ceremony is that we are fulfilling the ultimate dream of home-ownership for a family. As we gather to dedicate Habitat House #30 we are very excited to help provide the opportunity for home ownership to the Goldberg family. We believe the stability and sense of community that comes from owning your own home helps develop strength in the family which create future opportunities for the entire family especially the children. We look forward to watching the Goldberg family grow and prosper here in our community. Thank you to all of our Volunteers, Community Partners and Staff that helped support this build and bring it to completion."

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