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Our highly skilled team is dedicated to make sure that the everyday operations of Habitat For Humanity goes smoothly, and is the key element to making sure that our mission is continued.

Our Team

Director of Operations

Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore leverages over two decades of construction experience and leadership, she is committed to advancing Habitat for Humanity's mission of providing sustainable housing solutions to those in need. 

Construction Supervisor

John Cunha

With over 3 decades of construction experience, John Cunha is dedicated to making sure that the homes we build will last a lifetime.

Program Manager

Heidi Frazier

With over 15 years in leadership roles, Heidi Frazier excels at developing and implementing our mission goals, objectives, policies and procedures as our Program Manager.

Store Operations Director

Kelly Elkins

With over 30 years of retail experience, Kelly Elkins is dedicated to making sure that our Shelton and Belfair stores stay running smoothly.

Public Relations

Zander Cunha

With over 10 years of experience in Construction and Digital Marketing, Zander Cunha is dedicated to making sure that all of our social media pages, marketing, and public relations go smoothly.

Shelton Store Manager

Max Garza

With over 15 years of experience in customer service and retail, Max Garza is dedicated to making sure that all of our stores function properly to serve our community.

Shelton Store Assistant-Manager

Tammy Jordan

With over 14 years of experience, Tammy Jordan is dedicated to making sure that customers and merchandise inside the Shelton Store are well cared for.

Donation Ambassador

Nicholas Brown

With over 3 years of truck care and maintenance, Nicholas Brown is dedicated to making sure that your scheduled Deliveries get to the store safely and quickly.

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